How Students Can Enhance Productivity with Laptop

Published:Nov 17, 202319:28
How Students Can Enhance Productivity with Laptop

One of the most critical stages of life is the phase when one is under tutelage. The need to learn is different from the pressure to perform well on tests. This makes students live in uncertainty through most of their campus life. 

Be that as it may, it is vital that, in the end, a good result is presented and enough knowledge is gathered to be able to practice what was learned. This is what is termed as being successful. 

To get maximum productivity as a student, some materials are vital. These include Textbooks, Gadgets like Tablets and Laptops, and other reading materials. All these cost a fortune. 

This write-up is aimed at helping students get more productive through the procurement of learning gadgets, specifically on how to buy laptop on EMI.

What is Productivity for a Student

What is Productivity for a Student?

To be successful as a student, one has to be very productive. Productivity does not come on its own for a student; some effort has to be put into it. This includes time management, making use of available resources, and being active in other areas of life that are not academics.

Effective time management is something each student has to take responsibility for. Only you can tell how what your schedule looks like, and hence, only you can share the available time between reading and other activities. 

Mind you, a lot of students think if they read for long hours, they would get maximal results. Some even go as far as only involving themselves with books and nothing else. This is an erroneous step, I can assure you. The best way to be productive with reading is to read at times when you can assimilate. 

How do you know when you assimilate the most? The answer is totally up to you. You need to study yourself well to know when to read and when to involve yourself in other activities like social events, religious events, and so on. The right balance in how you spend your time as a student is what makes you productive.

How Students Can Enhance Productivity with Laptop

Now, on to resources needed to make one get better results as a student. If you are going to be productive as a student, then it is inevitable for you to make use of the right materials. This is like a benchmark preparation for being prolific.

Productivity as a student is not only hinged on proper time management but also on making the most of your time by reading relevant materials. Many students waste away their time by studying materials that offer little or no insight into the topic of study. 

This mostly happens because many students don’t have the right tools to dig up relevant materials, and instead, they make do with what they have. One crucial academic tool that students use to amass materials for themselves is a laptop.

Laptops are a form of modern libraries for students. With the technological advances that have been made in academics today, you would agree with me that laptops have become indispensable for students. Here are the reasons why you should buy laptop on EMI if you can’t afford one.

To start with, laptops are handy and more functional than most mobile phones. This means you get to store up materials that have been shared as related to any course without restriction. You can always get your hands on needed materials when you are with your system.

A significant advantage of PCs over other devices is the display. Most new-age smartphones have been designed to do the features of a system; what they don’t get to do is display information as boldly and clearly as laptops. 

One other key feature that makes laptops of vital use to students is that they are custom-made for presentations. As students, presentations are part and parcel of the learning process. 

Lecturers also deliver their lectures using slide presentations, and even students are often requested to make presentations on specific topics as a form of assessment.

To top it all off, on the issue of gathering materials, laptops are vital in the sense that you can use them to search through the internet to get materials relevant to the scheme of work. 

Videos, journals, slideshows, and many other academic files can be found on the internet about whichever topic is searched for. 

All these are irrelevant if you cannot afford to buy a laptop as a student. So, I will be discussing how to buy a laptop on EMI next.

Zest Money EMI for Everyone

How to buy Laptop on EMI as a Student

The major challenge for students when it comes to getting gadgets is money. As a student, you most likely are dependent on sponsors for funds, be it your parents, guardian, or other bodies that provide scholarships. Even for students who work while studying, the funds coming in are most times small.

Therefore, to get a personal computer as a student requires solid financial planning. Primarily, this is the reason I was prompted to write this article, to offer students a way out of lack of resources and a way into being much more productive.

All you need to do is buy a Laptop on EMI. An EMI is a loan facility that allows subscribers to purchase goods and services and repay equal monthly installments of the amount spent over several months.

An EMI plan is hinged on the number of months you wish to repay the amount you have spent. Say you buy a laptop on EMI for Rs 30,000 using a no-cost EMI, and you choose the 6-month EMI plan, then you would have to pay Rs 5,000 each month for the next six months.

The goal of an EMI plan is to utilize incoming funds over a given period effectively. EMI loans are designed to make purchasing of needed high-priced products faster and repayment of the loan convenient.

One of the top facilities to buy laptop on EMI is Zestmoney. This platform is integrated with several online stores that deal in computers. You only need to open an account with ZestMoney and set up a credit limit. 

You can then search through affiliated merchant sites for the best laptop deals available. Upon selecting the agreement of your choice, proceed to checkout where you would choose ZestMoney EMI as your preferred payment option. And as easy as it might sound, you have become a laptop owner.


You can enhance your productivity as a student by using a laptop. However, to buy a laptop costs a fortune. This means that a sound financial plan has to be set up to buy one. 

One of the easiest payment plans to purchase a laptop is EMI. You don’t need all the cash at once to buy laptop on EMI. What you need is a credit limit, and you are good to go. Additional Reading:-  


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