Happy World NGO Day 2024 Theme| History| Significance| Wishes| Quotes| Greetings to Share

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Updated on:Jan 27, 2024
Happy World NGO Day 2024 Theme| History| Significance| Wishes| Quotes| Greetings to Share
Happy World NGO Day

Happy World NGO Day 2024 Theme| History| Significance| Wishes| Quotes| Greetings to Share : Every year World NGO or Non Governmental Organization Day is celebrated on 27 th February as the honor day of non governmental organizations. This is the glory day for the people who work for society welfare and also contribute their help to establish a peaceful environment worldwide. To motive to celebrate this day is to spread a awareness about nonprofit organizations that only do work for a civil society and also abolish to poverty, noneducation, unemployment. First time this significant day was observed on 27 February 2014 when European Unions, United National General Assembly recognized this day. Besides it this body also contributes their services with UNHCR also. All NGO works on the three basic pillars that are Charity, Service and Participatory. According to field and on the basis of work there are vital different in NGO's like as BINGO (Business Friendly International Organization) focuses on the business deals welfare, CSO (Civil Society Organization) aims is also for civil society welfare etc. So friends, Today in this article we will know about the World NGO Day 2024 Wikipedia, Theme, History, Operations, Activities, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Status that you can share with your friends and close one's.

World NGO Day 2024 Wiki Highlights

  • Event Name- World NGO Day 2024
  • Type- Civic, Awareness
  • Observe Date- 27 February
  • Observation by- EU, UN, Globally
  • Significance- to honor all volunteers who contribute their services for a better welfare of society through NGO's
  • 1st Observation- 2014
  • Founder- The Anti-Slavery Society, in 1839
  • 1st NGO of World- 1839
  • Total NGO's Numbers- 10 million approx.
  • Frequency- Annual

World NGO Day 2024 Theme

World NGO Day 2024 theme is also based on the to recognize, celebrate and honor the fundamental contributions and profound impact that these independent organizations. Motive of the theme is also to give honor those people who work for civil society as the part of NGO. There are millions of people world wide who is involved to make sound economy, abolish to social worse rituals worldwide that messages us about the significant of World NGO.

World NOG Day 2024 Wishes, Quotes, Greetings

  • Deepest happiness of a person is to give someone some help, it may be various kind like as physical, mental, spiritual and so all.
  • All the NGO's motive is to protect to human rights, make a sound economic system and also provide consumer protection, environmentalism, health.
  • This day is not a spread awareness about the donations of NGO's but to conscious people their fundamental rights. Happy World NGO Day 2024 forever.
  • World NGO Day is the special day for people who provide their services for helpless people in the adverse condition of financial, mental and physical.
  • Happy World NGO to all sisters and brothers who contributed to spread affection, peace, harmony and also fraternity on the significant day World NGO day.

Activities on International NGO Day 2024

  • Try to hold campaign with people to establish harmony relations and affectionate with each other.
  • Make a group of students who can teach small kids who are helpless and not aware about to education.
  • Join the people who really prepare in adverse circumstances, and make perseverance effort to improve human rights.
  • You can also a street party who informs about the World NGO Day History and significance.

Appreciation Messages For NGOs

  • Organizations like NGOs actually play so very exceptional as well as so very outstanding part in our very society where people actually pay no attention to these social causes. Thankfulness to you all, NGOs.
  • I believe that we all must make some other steps towards the very welfare of our very society, and today, I feel so much more obliged to thank all the very NGOs and the very activists for all of their wonderful work.
  • I want to thank NGOs all over the world for spreading awareness and taking action for the conservation of wildlife. Happy World NGO Day!
  • We are so very thankful to all the wonderful NGOs for all the work you just do for this social cause, for all those who are actually so very much in need and also underprivileged.
  • We admire you for your work and wish you all the best. Happy Word NGO Day!
  • As we approach the 27th of February, I would like to thank these wonderful people for working for the environment and its conservation. Happy World NGO Day!
  • Here’s a big shoutout to all those people who work for all others and help those who are in need of help. We love you and wish you all a very Happy Word NGO Day!
  • If the stray animals are better off, it is because of the involvement of the NGO workers. Here’s to thanking them and wishing everyone a very happy World NGO Day!
  • All our excellent NGOs are just doing excellent work, and they are only the very organizations that deserve so much more appreciation and so much more applause for the very work these NGOs are actually doing.
  • Here’s to thanking the NGOs for providing education to the many kids who have no homes and who might have never had the chance to be educated. Happy World NGO Day!


On Which date World NGO Day is celebrated ?

27 th February

What is the name of first NGO in worldwide ?

The Anti-Slavery Society, in 1839.

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