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Wish You All Happy Asalaha Puja Day
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Happy Asalaha Puja Day 2022: Asalha Puja is the famous festival of Buddhism religion that every year celebrated on sixth lunar month or Full moon of the month of Asadha. To celebrate this festival is to aware people about the Buddha preach and sermon. This year this festival falls on 13 July according to Gregorian calendar. Lord Buddha life is full of mystery and he abandoned everything in this holy month, so aspirants of Buddha religion celebrate this day with full pomp and joy. There are many countries where this day is the public holiday, like as Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan, Laos. It was the holy day when Mahatma Buddha preached first at Sarnath in Pali language after the enlightenment. Asalha Puja, also known as Dhamma Day, there are three major pillars of Buddha religion Buddha, Dhamma and Sangh. So friends here are the Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings of Asalah Puja that you can share with your family and friends.

Happy Asalha Puja
Asalha Puja Day this day to honor Buddha’s first sermon after the lord Buddha obtained Enlightenment.

Asalha Puja Quotes, Wishes, Messages

Happy Asalha Puja Day Quote

Asalha Puja commemorates the first teachings of Buddha and also marks the beginning of the monsoon season. Happy Asalha Puja Day.

On the Asalha Puja Day, let us all pray to Lord Buddha in hopes to protect us from the evil and assist us in achieving names, in favourable circumstances.

Happy Asalha Puja Day wishes

Wish you all Happy Asalha Puja, everything is momentary in life, there is no sadness and happiness in life, only know the truth present time moment.

Everything you can find with the peaceful and silent mind, focus on the nature vibes, all happens in life with you observe it.

Happy Asalha Puja Day

Let us celebrate the new beginnings by remembering what Lord Buddha has taught us. Let us ground ourselves to our roots and values. Happy Asalha Puja Day to everyone.

Conquer your feeling, wishes, ideas, and understandings, here are vibes that generates and finishes, try to find truth of life.

Happy Asalha Puja Day 4
Asalha Puja Day this day to honor Buddha’s first sermon after the lord Buddha obtained Enlightenment.

To fill a water pot you want to necessary the thousands of little drops, so to enjoy the whole life you should collect all little truth everyday.

All is energy that will reflect one thing to another, you are the part of momentary world, so go in deep breathing, you will find something amazing with it.

Asalha Puja and History Key Highlights

Event Asalha Puja
Also calledDhamma Day
Guru Purnima
Observed DateFull moon of the month of Asadha
TypeReligious, Cultural
Observed by Buddhism, Thais, Burmese
SignificanceTo aware people about Buddha’s first sermon
Observe countryThailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Japan


On Which date Asala Puja falls in 2022 ?

13 July 2022.

Where Mahatma Buddha gave his first sermon ?

After the enlightenment Buddha gave his first preach in Sarnath India in Pali language.

What are 3 core of Buddha religion ?

Buddha, Dhamma and Sangh are the three core pillars of Buddha religion.

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