CVS's Thanksgiving Hours 2019 – Is CVS Open on Thanksgiving Day?

Published:Nov 17, 202319:32
CVS's Thanksgiving Hours 2019 – Is CVS Open on Thanksgiving Day?
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Oh, Thanksgiving. It has a way of making you really thankful for drugstores, because they're usually open — and who hasn't forgotten a critical recipe ingredient at one time or another? While you can't get an actual turkey at CVS, you can get materials for to use for decor and crafts, ingredients for stuffing, or sweet treats that will make a fun and festive dessert.

Maybe you've settled down in front of the football game and realize you need to get something. Or you don't want to deal with Black Friday crowds to get pick up some toiletries. Or you just need a breather from your extended family (no judgement). First of all, leave before the food coma hits. Second of all, you won't have to go far to get what you need, here are CVS's Thanksgiving hours ...

Is CVS Open on Thanksgiving 2019?

Yes, CVS stores typically maintain their regularly scheduled hours on Thanksgiving, including the locations that operate 24-hour schedules. Some CVS locations even begin their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving. However, different locations have different hours, so we'd recommend checking the details on your local CVS when the holiday rolls around.

Is CVS Pharmacy Open on Thanksgiving 2019?

CVS Pharmacies and Minute Clinic typically operate on different schedule than the rest of the store. So again, we'd recommend calling your local CVS before you leave the house.

If you need to get something that they don't sell at the drugstore, check out this guide to the grocery stores, department stores and every other kind of store that will be open on Thanksgiving. There are also quite a few restaurants open if you want to grab something before the big turkey dinner.

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