Some of The Most Interesting Differences Between Cat Breeds and Dog Breeds

Published:Nov 17, 202309:27
Some of The Most Interesting Differences Between Cat Breeds and Dog Breeds

Amongst any pet that a household can have there are two that are possibly the most popular - cats and dogs. There has always been a debate between those looking for the right pet for their household and the discussion almost always surrounds these two animals. 

Our expertise has come together to discuss this topic by including some of the differences between the two, that can either help you add one to your family, or give someone as a gift if they are an animal lover. Besides those mentioned here, we have added our thoughts to the list.

Below we have a few common, yet interesting, differences between the two.

How are Cats Different from Dogs?

Their exercise routine: it is a well-known fact that cats differ in their ‘exercise’ routine. If you are looking for a pet to take a walk or run with, dogs top this list. Cats are not the best companions when it comes to getting some daily activity into your life. Many dogs will enjoy a run, walk and even a hike, but cats seem to dislike this and would rather lounge around the back yard in the sun, or a warm house.

This does not mean they are not active. Cats are known for their flexibility and nimble demeanor, so they could help you when it's time to play with a cat toy or piece of wool. 

Their pack mentality: this is also something that differs in both. Throughout history and in historical data and stories, dogs are always kept under the category of being in packs. When you, as a pet owner adopts one, they will see you as the leader of their pack.  

As a way to seek some connection, they will work with you, but a moggy is completely the opposite. They are solitary creatures and like to hunt instead. As one of the most independent creatures on the planet, they are quite happy doing their own thing as opposed to relying on people for company or to feel part of something. 

If, however, you do want to practice that connection with your feline, you need to make the first move. They do love a good back rub or cuddle when your laying on the couch or your bed, so this balances things out. 

Their behaviour: ever heard of the term ‘cats are nocturnal creatures? this holds to this day and has never changed. They like to stay awake at night just like wild cats do, which is part of their family. They stay active at night, as well as during the early hours of sunrise. 

For some pet owners, this may not be a good thing as they disrupt your sleep. Here are some tips on how to handle this behaviour:

Dogs are also playful during the day but tend to take naps every couple of hours and then again at night. If you go to bed, so will they. Dogs are more ‘diurnal’ which means they stick to a routine, so if you train them appropriately they will not keep you awake at night.

 Cat Breeds and Dog Breeds

Obvious physical traits: this is an obvious thing when it comes to their physical traits. Their claws are usually what makes them different, besides many other aspects. Dog claws are a more faded colour than felines. Because they love to climb trees, moggies use their paws without any hard effort and can jump off most things as well. 

Dogs like the ground more, they will run around but they rarely do climb trees and jump off them unless necessary, which is why some rescue or emergency services use them to climb high places to help rescue people but need to be trained to do this.

Their bathroom habits: another difference is in their bathroom habits. Canines are not the most flexible when it comes to going outside to relieve themselves unless the weather is appropriate. But moggies can go out to pee, whether it is raining or sunny outside. Also, canines often need to be taken for a walk, and trained, while their counterpart has his litter box to do this thing.

Mongrels are also picky where they go. They will first find the perfect tree or grass patch before they go. It is very possible to house train them, however with many of the kitten breeds, this may not be necessary as once you show them where their litter box is, they get the hint and use it regularly.

Their food: Did you know, dogs do not need meat in their diets, but cats do? They are omnivores, which means they can have a mix of vegetables, meat and other additional supplements to keep them going. It is however best to balance this out as some vegetable diets don’t have enough proteins and essential nutrients to keep their digestive system at its optimal performance. 

Felines do need their meat and enough of it, plus a holistic supplement that is great for most cat breeds is the addition of products that have organic and natural extracts such as Hemp or CBD products which provide an additional kick to their system, keeping them healthy both on the inside and the outside. Cats are carnivores by nature and adding the right meats to their bowl is key to keeping them closest to their natural requirements.

There are also many similarities between the two, and we thought we would add a few below:

  • They are both trainable
  • They both need affection and care
  • They are both considered great family pets

In the end it is all about personal preference we think. Some people are more inclined to keep one over the other, but they are still great additions to any home that loves animals.

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