Aashram Season 3 Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story, Streme Online On MX Player [Exclusive]

Published:Nov 17, 202310:46
Aashram Season 3 Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story, Streme Online On MX Player [Exclusive]
Aashram 3|Aashram 3 Web Series Cast & Actress|Aashram 3 images

Aashram Season 3 is a Hindi Crime Drama Web Series directed by Prakash Jha. The web series release date is 3 June 2022. Aashram 3 web series is titled Ek Badnam… Aashram 3 where all the previous cast return to reprise their roles along with a few new entries as well.

Read the article to know all the details related to the Aashram 3 web series on MX Player. Know about the Aashram season 3 web series cast, release date, actress name, and where to watch online.

Aashram 3 Web Series Cast & Actress

Aashram 3 Web Series Cast & Actress
  • Bobby Deol as Kashipur wale baba nirala
  • Chandan Roy as Bhopa Bai/ Bhopa swami/Bhupendra swami
  • Aaditi Pohankar as Parmindar akka Pami
  • Esha Gupta
  • Tushar Pandey as Satti aka Satwinder Lochan
  • Darshan Kumar as Ujagar Singh
  • Anupriya Goenka as Dr. Natasha
  • Tridha Choudhary as Babita
  • Vikram Kocchar as Sadhu Sharma
  • Anil Rastogi as CM Sundar Lal

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Aashram 3 Web Series Story


The story of Aashram season 3 continues exactly from the point Aashram season 2 left. Aashram 3 follows Bobby Deol as Kashipur Wale Baba Nirala. He became more ruthless and attempt to cover his sins with the gained power.

He relies on corrupted politicians to cover up the dirt, all the while preying on innocent women who seek deliverance. Aashram Season 3 continues his other mission to create a new world while at the same time having God complexes.

As a commoner, the baba has a great talent for fooling the innocent devotees who are blindly believers and devotees of him. Ujagar Singh, the cop is planning to capture Baba Nirala who doesn’t seem to be the person he is supposed to be.  The bulk of dead bodies and skeletons found on the Aashram property adds to the story as well.

The question remains whether the cops will unearth the baba crime or not. A lapse of faith leads to the unrevealing of mystery.  The introduction of other characters such as Esha Gupta might take center stage in the web series as well.   

Fans are expecting that season 3 will come to the climax and baba finally get exposed and takes him behind the bar. Or an alternative ending where Baba will continue to play the dirty game. What Aashram 3 stores for the audience, will reveal on June 3, 2020, with all episodes streaming on MX Player. Mirzapur 2: Dialogues Pankaj Tripathi and Ali Fazal Dialogues

What is Ashram 3 shooting news?

The shooting for Season 3 started on October 3 and on its second day, it landed in a dispute. Ashram 3 shooting happening in Bhopal saw the right-wing outfit, Bajrang Dal creating a ruckus on the set. They even threw ink on director Prakash Jha and tried all means to disrupt.

Their contempt was for the title ‘Ashram’ as well as the portrayal. They vandalized the set because they felt the web series was an attempt to tarnish the perception of Hinduism and its Ashram system. Bajrang Dal activists tried to convince Prakash Ja to change the name of the series. The vandalism and disruption of peaceful production work have been strongly condemned by The Producers Guild of India. Issuing a statement, it reads.

“The Producers Guild of India strongly condemns the brazen acts of violence, harassment and vandalism faced by the crew involved in the production of the series Ashram in Bhopal.”

“Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident and the Guild is alarmed to note the frequency with which both the production and exhibition sectors are severely and illegally disrupted by various elements with impunity.”

In spite of controversies, the shooting is on. At present production team is about to wrap up their Ashram 3 shooting schedule planned for Bhopal and its surrounding locations.

Where can I watch all the episodes of Ashram 3 online for free?

If you have watched Ashram Season 1 and Chapter 2, undoubtedly you will be waiting for the next series fully loaded with thrill, action and crime.  It can be watched for free online on Mx Player.

If you have not watched the previous two seasons all episodes are available and can be downloaded for free on desktop, Android and iOS platforms.

The web series is not streaming on major platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video Disney+ Hotstar, Voot and ZEE5.

How to download Aashram Season 3 online for free?

The Ashram web series is exclusively streaming on MX Player. One needs to follow the below-mentioned steps to install the app and et set to watch Ashram Chapter 3 episodes online on Mx Player App.

  • Users on the desktop can directly click on the link MX player.
  • Android users can download from the link on Playstore and iOS users from App Store link.
  • Smartphone users are prompted to install the MX player app.
  • Tap on the ‘Play’ icon next to your local videos.
  • Search for the Aashram Web series and watch it for free.
  • The episodes can be downloaded for free.  

Aashram 3 Web Series Details

Aashram 3 images
  • Title – Ek Badnaam… Aashram 3
  •  Cast – Bobby Deol, Aditi Pohankar, Esha Gupta, Tridha Choudhary, Anupriya Goenka, Darshan Kumar,
  •  Genre – Crime Thriller
  •  Type – Web Series
  •  Director – Prakash Jha
  •  Release Date – 3 June 2022
  •  OTT Platform – MX Player
  •  Language – Hindi
  •  Country – India


Ek Badnaam… Aashram 3 web series cast?

Bobby Deol, Aditi Pohankar, Esha Gupta, Tridha Choudhary, Anupriya Goenka, Darshan Kumar,

How to watch online Ek Badnaam… Aashram 3 web series?

You can download the MX Player app from the play store. Aashram 3 web series is free for MX Player users to watch.

Ek Badnaam… Aashram 3 web series release date?

3 June 2022.


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