A complete guide on How to Play Rummy Card Game

Published:Nov 17, 202309:31
A complete guide on How to Play Rummy Card Game
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Today everyone has evolved and has moved on from offline to online gaming modes. The accessibility and innovation that is present in the online gaming modes have overruled the offline ones. Digital gaming is constantly growing with the introduction of new games every other day. A lot of games like Rummy, Poker, Ludo or even Snakes & Ladder are now made available on online platforms. Rummy has been around for a while now and thus has been able to gain steady attention from the audience. However, not all of the players are necessarily familiar with the game of rummy since it is a game that requires a lot of skill and practice. Though the apps on which you may play have a beginner's guide, knowing the rules beforehand can be extremely beneficial. This article guides on how to play rummy

Objective of rummy 

The various objectives of the playing rummy are given below 

  • The foremost objective of the game rummy is to be able to arrange all the 13 cards into a required combination and make a declaration before any of your opponents gets the chance for it. 
  • You can only make a valid declaration if you have a valid set or sequence. The hand you are going to play should consist of 2 sequences + 2 sets, 3 sequences + 1 set or even all 4 sequences. 
  • One of the two sequences you have created should be a pure sequence. 
  • You can charge with a penalty of 80 points if you end up declaring without having a pure sequence. 

Rummy rules you need to follow 

The rules that are mentioned here help you learn how to play rummy. 

  • You need at least 2 to 6 players to play the Indian rummy. To begin the game all the players are dealt with 13 cards. 
  • The other remaining cards from the deck are placed at the centre of the table upside down. One card from that deck is drawn and placed face up. Depending upon this card, you and the players have to decide on which cards need to be discarded. 
  • The wild joker is selected randomly from any card. The card that has been made by the wild joker remains the same in other suits as well. 
  • You need to pick a card every turn from the face-down deck at the centre and discard a card of your choice to open a deck. 
  • If you want to win the game then you need to arrange all your hands in a sequence or set. As mentioned above, at least one of the sequences out of two should be a pure sequence. 
  • You can easily use the printed or wild jokers to make an impure set or sequences. 
  • The player who tends to declare before you are the winner. 

Tips & suggestions on how to play 

Given below tips and suggestions can help you play rummy with ease. 

Create a good pure sequence 

You can not win without a pure sequence. Thus it is more that you concentrate and prioritize on creating a good pure sequence. 

Early on discard your high-value cards

In rummy, high valued cards are more likely to increase your chances of losing, since they have a negative value. Therefore, you should try to discard all your high-value cards as early as you can in the game if they are unmatched. 

Connecting cards

If you have collecting cards then they can help you create sequences and sets. Thus collecting valid connecting cards is an important thing to keep in mind. A valid sequence or set of connecting cards will be if you have 2,3 and 4 of heart. 

Be observant 

You may have a great hand with you but if you are observant of your opponent's moves then you can miss a great chance of winning. Thus always keep an eye out for your opponent's moves. 

Use your joker wisely 

The joker card is very important in the game of rummy. If you need help making a set or a sequence you can use your joker. However, if they are causing you disturbance in making a pure sequence, don't hesitate to remove them from your hand. 

What are sequences and sets?

In rummy, you must make good sequences and sets. Having good sequences and sets is important because they help you win the game. Let us understand what sequences and sets are?


Sequences are when you pair 3 consecutive cards together which belong to the same suit. The sequences are further divided into 2 types; Pure and Impure sequences. 

In Pure sequence, the hand you have made should consist of 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. You need a pure sequence to make a valid declaration. While in the Impure sequence, one of the cards in your pair is replaced by the joker to make it a consecutive pair. You can pair up to 3 cards or even more in any sequence. 


Sets are when you again pair 3 or more cards in consecutive order but this time not in the same suit. It is said that you can not have more than 1 card from your suit in your set. In rummy, you are allowed to replace up to 1 or more cards with the joker card. It is an invalid set if you fail to collect three or more cards from different suits. 

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